aliplugin review

Aliplugin Review: What is it? Does it Really Work?

This review has been updated on 16/06/2018 after several issues with the application.

Aliplugin review

AliPlugin review summary


It's effective


Cheap plugin for the range of features offered

Easy of use

It's complicated to handle it if you don't have support


Support is limited and there is slow answer

I Like!

  • High Commission
  • 30-day cookies
  • Build a complete store in minutes
  • SEO optimized
  • Responsive design

I Don't Like

  • Sometime there are isues downloading products into stores
  • Lack of tools to support the creation of AliExpress affiliate websites
  • No support from AliExpress

Summary: The AliPlugin is an AliExpress affiliate plugin that allows you to create eCommerce sites in minutes. This plugin helps you import products from AliExpress in your WordPress website with a click of a button.

One time payment of $47

Hi, today is time to talk about affiliate programs (one of the easiest ways to make money online.) Well, yeah, affiliate programs but, let's reduce that to just one. You've probably heard about AliExpress, I'm sure, and today I will tell you one thing or two about their affiliate plugin.

So, Can Anyone Tell Me What is AliPlugin?

Like any other Plugin, AliPlugin is a software component, which adds features to a program to enable customization.

The best part of this AliExpress affiliate plugin is that it doesn't only create a website automatically, but it creates a site or sites (that's up to you) that look and feel like Aliexpress.

You wanted your visitors to trust your website? You got it! This plugin does it all! For instance, it enables you to import products and deals on a daily basis so; when a customer makes a purchase: boom! You will get your commission for that sale, giving you and additional income stream.

(After latest updates, this plugin is having issues with AliExpress integration and there is no support from them. So take precautions about this.)

Aliplugin review

Check out this short video walk-through of how the Aliplugin works:

Learn How to Build a Website and Start earning passive income:

AliPlugin in Time…

Created by Vitaly Kunin, this plugin launched by Ali Partnership Company has revolutionized the affiliate marketing world as it helps solve the problems that had prevented people in the online business from joining the AliExpress partnership program.

Check this AliPlugin Review and start earning affiliate commissions with AliExpress!

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AliExpress, run by Alibaba Group, processes orders that exceed Amazon and eBay combined. Back in 2013, the overall transactions made by Alibaba businesses amounted to $248 billion in annual turnover, and so it became the sensation on the market in 2014.

Well, it came as no surprise that the plugin for the affiliate program turned out to be a total success in 2015 and that so many online entrepreneurs were -and still are- eager to join this affiliate program. Well, the thing is that statistics speak for themselves and this is what the numbers are saying since the foundation of the program:

  • 8% commission on every purchase
  • Conversion rate of 3.5%
  • Vast goods turnover
  • Get access to more than 200 countries and regions

Hey! These are not even numbers; this is an attractive income opportunity that anyone looking to grow online must consider.

Benefits & Features Come in One Pack But, Are Not the Same:

It's easy to get confused with advantages and features and mix them on the way; sometimes they are so close that one finishes when the other ends.

So, let's focus first on the benefits you'll get by using this plugin and then take a look at the features that will lead you to enjoy them.

For starters, probably one of the most exciting benefits are Commissions. You'll get a commission for all sales referred to However, benefits don't stop there. No, sir!

This plugin, which is built exclusive for WordPress (and fully responsive) gives you steady passive income, and it's SEO optimized. Wait, what? Yes, you read correctly. It is SEO optimized. You will also have a full autopilot business, the support you deserve, a reliable business partner, and, most importantly, you can start earning money from day one.

Now, that we have covered the benefits, lets see what are the features that will help you enjoy AliPlugin:

  • Easily Search
  • Live stats
  • Post in minutes
  • Go International
  • Auto updating
  • Auto translations

Different Experiences, Same Features

There's no better way to talk about a product than talking about experiences while using it. So, the first thing I have to say is that from my knowledge the different features the plugin has, helps you get many tasks done in a matter of seconds. This is how Aliplugin's features will help you:

You can easily find products on and add them to your website with the Easily Search feature.

In a few clicks, you'll get thousands of the goods added to your site automatically, using the Post in Minutes feature.

The Live Stats feature will allow you to check how many products are loaded to your website.

Updating will no longer be a problem; you'll be able to keep your product info fresh with the latest data thanks to the Auto Updating feature.

Language barriers no more! You will get products titles and descriptions translated into more than 40 languages, using the Auto Translation feature.

Go International, the feature that is more like a benefit. It allows you to earn commission from products sold all over the world.

Do you want to know how to install the plugin? Check the quick video below:

Create beautiful AliExpress affiliate websites with the AliPlugin!

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There are thousands of people using this plugin; just let me share 2 reviews:

Emilio Banks

I bought my plugin in September, and, what was most impressive is that in the next three months after I made the purchase I started six different sites using this plugin. It was that effective! So, I made up my mind and decided to start one different site every month. It was surreal. How on earth could this 100% passive plugin be SEO optimized and make me earn money? Well, I don't know how it does it, all I do know is, it has made my life a lot simpler.

I have 12 different sites using this plugin, and they are making me $60 richer, every day on passive income. This is the best tool I've ever used; don't know how I lived so long without it. Highly recommended.

David Johnson

Final Thoughts about Aliplugin

An image is worth a thousand words! In this case, numbers, features, and benefits speak louder than words, don't you think? So, to sum it up the primary goal of the program and the plugin is to help affiliates work easier, faster and earn money.

Let's say you have an online shop and your visitors are customers who come straight from Google search results. Wouldn't it be awesome to have different sites fully automated that can get you commissions all over the world? Using the AliExpress plugin you are guaranteed to have commissions for every sale that is referred to in the Aliexpress site and, as a consequence, you will get your commission. Is that easy!

Hope you have enjoyed this Aliplugin review!​


The Good Stuff:
  • Build websites in minutes even if you have no experience at all
  • No geographical limits
  • 30-day cookies
  • Complete range of themes
  • Live stats
  • High ticket Commissions
The Bad Stuff:
  • Lack of tools to support the creation of AliExpress affiliate websites
  • Issues downloading products into stores
  • No direct support from AliExpress
  • Technical issues when integrating the store to AliExpress.
  • You have to pay hosting

 If you are interested in building a business online, check my Wealthy Affiliate Review

Features included:

  • Free Hosting
  • Affiliate Marketing Training
  • Live Webinars
  • 24/7 support
  • A community of +500,000 users helping
  • Keyword research tool

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Leave a Comment:

Vlad says December 20, 2016

Looks good.
From what I can see, the pros outweigh the cons by far.
This looks like a very solid product. Although I am don’t work in this field, I would definitely be sure to check it out or recommend it to a friend!
Speaking of which, do you have any better alternatives you can offer me?

Cheers, Vlad!

    Kevin Balcker says December 20, 2016

    Hi Vlad,

    This AliExpress plugin can be compared to EasyAzon. Both have the same functionality.

    I will post a review soon about EasyAzon 😉

    All the best

Chris says December 20, 2016

Hi Kevin, this looks a great idea. Didn’t know ali express were promoting such a things. How easy is it to operate and how do you choose the best products to promote ? In your view is it better than an amazon affiliate business? Are there any restrictions or delays on getting affiliate payments, Regards, Chris

    Kevin Balcker says December 20, 2016

    Hi Chris,

    Thanks for stopping by. The Aliplugin is the same as the EasyAzon (for Amazon). The plugin provide statistics and it makes it easier to see which products are selling well.

    I peresonally use both Amazon and Aliexpress. I have 1 niche website using the Aliplugin and another using EasyAzon and I must say that both work pretty well. Maybe the only difference is that Amazon has a little more of support for sellers.

    Hope your doubts were clarified.

    All the best,


andre says December 21, 2016

Lately, Im researching a lot about online marketing. Especially SEO and the affiliate marketing.

I never heard of aliExpress plugin and this looked a a good place to start. As I’m brazilian I liked the non-geographic limitation.

the comission is definetly a great pro and sounds like having a nice conversion rate.

I’m still learning about the way i’ll folow but definetly bookmarking it here

    Kevin Balcker says December 21, 2016

    Hi Andre,

    I’m glad that my AliPlugin review helped you. If you have any doubt or need a hand just leave me a message 😉

    Is you need any advanced affiliate training I recommend you to take a look to this Wealthy Affiliate Review

    All the best,


greg smyth says December 21, 2016

Hello Kevin

I’ve heard of Aliexpress before but did not know about this wordpress plugin.The review is thorough and the videos help with the learning process. Aliexpress could be a great affiliate program to get involved in, as the audience would certainly rival amazon,if not surpass it.It maybe worth starting a few websites to see how it goes. I will give it a shot and let you know.

    Kevin Balcker says December 21, 2016

    Hey Greg,

    Yeah, AliExpress grew a lot these years. It now has a solid platform and products so it’s worth trying it.

    Keep in touch to let me know your results 😉

    all the best,


Jojo says December 21, 2016

I have bookmarked your page. This was the most interesting marketing product review I have seen in a long time.
I have understood it correctly. I can use this plugin to create a site (for example tennis gear) and then download products from the aliexpress site. If someone buys something it will be autmatically ordered and sent to that person and I will earn a commission??
Seems great, What do you suggest I use to send traffic to my sites?

    Kevin Balcker says December 21, 2016

    Hi Jojo, nice to hear this review was helpful.

    Free ways of generating traffic can include, improving SEO, link building strategies, social media, directory submissions, etc. Now, if you have some budget to spend, I recommend you to use PPC (pay per click – Adwords or Bing). This will give you quicker results 😉

    Just let me know if you still have any doubt.


Ed says May 15, 2017

Hi Kevin
I am new to the affiliate business.
from what i read i understand that AliPlugin is very recommended.
I have 1 question though:

Does AliPlugin drives traffic to my website ? Lets say that I have a WordPress site with Aliplugin. And i imported some products from Aliexpress. Can i go autopilot now, without the need to promote my website by myself ?

    Kevin Balcker says May 18, 2017

    Hi Ed, unfortunately, you will need to promote your website. Aliplugin helps you in making the process of website creation, quick and easy product upload to your site, translation to any language, etc. but once you have your website up and running, you will need to promote it doing SEO and/or paid advertising.

    If you need any help with promoting your website, feel free to leave me a message to kevin@residualincomesecrets.com

    All the best!

Duncan says April 25, 2018

I love the idea of all have been mentioned above. So, what is the success rate for those who have used it, Kelvin. I am considering this plugin.

    Kevin Balcker says May 16, 2018

    Hey Duncan,

    I don’t have the exact statistics but the tool is having very good results as it’s officially powered by Aliexpress themselves.

    I think you can try it for 60 days and if it doesn’t meet your expectations you can ask for a full refund.

    Let me know how everything goes Duncan!

sandro gomes says June 16, 2018

I just buy the website with plugin from alipartnership but after pay everything change, no costumer service and then appear a third part one agency this agency make money with my website. the only part left for me is pay for hosting and manager the website with no incoming. I just lost money time. Aliexpress no longer help with plugin this is the true.

    Kevin Balcker says June 16, 2018

    Hey Sandro,

    I’ve noticed the same. The plugin is now working very bad and AliExpress does not offer any support. In your case, I recommend you to ask for a refund to Clickbank support. They have a 30 day period to return your money.

    Let me know the progress of your situation.


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