Human Proof Designs Review 2020 - [$2K+ Ready-Made Sites]

human proof designs review

Human Proof Designs Summary 


HQ services offered. I have tested their writing services with great success.


Their SEO writing and Keyword research packs are affordable. The niche sites are costy but worth it.


Excellent fast support service. There is also a private FB group which is very interactive and helpful. 


  • HQ Services
  • Professional Team of writers and SEOers
  • Excellent aged websites ready to generate money
  • Really Good Support in case you have any problem with your website


  • Aged websites are not cheap

Summary: HPD has been created by a guy called Dom Wells, but now the company is owned by Bryon Brewer. Bryon bought it a few years ago with the purpose of improving the services. (Review updated on 2020) 

To give you a quick overview, HPD offers a wide range of services, including: aged niche sites and done for you websites, content creation, link building, keyword research, training and much more. On this Human Proof Designs Review, I will go into each detail of their services.

When you’re trying to build a DIY wood crafting project at home, you would like to find a hardware store that offers all the tools and materials you need. It’s the same thing if you’re rebuilding your car. You want to find an auto parts store that has every replacement part and aftermarket component you need.

So, it will be the same thing when you’re trying to jumpstart or improve your supposedly income-generating affiliate marketing website. You want to find a single source of information, tools, and training. And that’s what Human Proof Designs is supposed to be. It’s the one-stop shop for all your affiliate marketing website needs.

See below video to understand what Human Proof Designs is about:

1. What Do They Offer?

This is the other side of Human Proof Designs. It offers various website services that can help you with your website. A couple of these services are meant for those who already have a website. But they can also be used by those who want to build a website themselves.

1.1. Niche Keyword Packs

This service is for people who want to build a website themselves, but are having some difficulty picking the right niche to start with. These niches are nicely specific. You have keyword packs for jogging strollers, toaster ovens, waffle makers, lawn mowers, fishing kayaks, and a whole lot more.

Here’s a list of what you get from each keyword pack:


Standard Keyword Pack

You get a list of about 200 to 1,000 keywords as the number of the keywords depends on the niche. The lawn mower pack contains 801 keywords, jogging strollers has 701, and heart rate monitors has 760. All these were the results of using the keyword research tool SECockpit, and a membership for that will cost you at least $40 per month. (No more membership cost)

Human Proof Designs then picks the 8 best keywords that you should focus on first. These are keywords for the information hunters and the buyers alike.

The keyword pack also includes the top Amazon bestsellers for that particular niche. You can of course get that data yourself, but that will take a very long while to finish. You can also use Amasuite to gather this info, but that will set you back $197.

4.5 of 5 Stars

Custom Keyword Pack

This is the same service as the Basic pack, but customized to the niche you want. If you already know how to pick a niche, then this will be the best option.

5 of 5 Stars

KGR Keyword Pack

KGR stand for Keyword Golden Ratio. It is a data-driven research method used to find low hanging fruit keywords (low competition). This means that you are most likely to rank for the keyword term without even creating any linkbuilding strategy. 

5 of 5 Stars

So how much will this cost you? It just costs $69 per pack. That’s a bargain considering that getting the same pack will cost $307 in subscription fees. Human Proof Designs even limits the sales of the pack to just 10 customers so that the niche isn’t saturated.

You can also ask Human Proof Designs to compile a keyword pack for you for the niche you want. That’s still a bargain at $99. You can also request them to turn the pack into a custom site for you.

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1.2. Content Service

Human Proof Designs also has a pool of professional native English-speaking writers that can produce premium content.

I have bought standard articles from HPD and I must say that they are good (not excellent though). There is also a premium pack but I haven't tried it because I already hired a native english writer some months ago.

These are the packs available:

Monthly articles

The monthly subscription is for those who don't have time to create their own content. It's the best way to automate your site engine. 

You have standard and premium conten. Standard articles are from ESL writers, while premium are from experienced native english writers.

If you just need some articles and no automation, then this is the best option. Same as on the monthly subscription, there is a standard and premium pack. 

human proof designs review
human proof designs review

Great option if you are building an email list or if you have original content to sell out there.

A way to build a list by giving away for free an actionable ebook, still works 

As you may know, embedding videos on a blog post, helps to rank in Google faster and it gives relevance to the site.

You can also upload the video on Youtube and generate traffic to your site by ranking the video.

human proof designs review

1.3. SEO Packages

Guys at Human Proof Designs are giving great results in ranking keyword terms with their SEO package.

I have a niche Amazon website (built entirely by me by the way) where I hire some safe PBN links and outreach guest post service. Both work perfect.

Their SEO packs are the following:

  • Press Releases
  • Outreach guest posting service
  • PBN links

They also have a monthly SEO package where they do a complete audit of your site to see what kind of links you have and to build new ones through different white hat techniques (i.e. outreach)

SEO packages
human proof designs review

2. Niche Website Seller and Builder

Now this is perhaps the most popular service that Human Proof Designs offers. They offer to build websites on many different niches, and on a “first come, first served” basis. So if the niche is sold, then you can’t buy it anymore. You’ll be notified of new niches available through email if you sign up for the free membership.

The profitability of these niches has been well-researched by Human Proof Designs. They check the number of searches per month, and the keywords have been checked for popularity and for the low competition. They also have a potential profit estimate using the calculator, using conservative metrics.

You can ask Human Proof Designs to design and build a website on a niche they feel that you can get profits. But you can also ask them to build a website for a niche you’ve chosen.

The website builder service includes aged, ready-made (niche chosen by them), custom-made, authority and already generating sites.

Prices vary a lot between the types of sites. For example an "already generating site" may cost up to $10K! 

ready made niche sites
human proof designs review
human proof designs review

2.1 Ready Made Websites

Basic Plan Niche Website

When you buy the niche website from Human Proof Designs, you have a choice of getting just the basic Starter version for $798. But just because it’s basic doesn’t mean you get just the bare bones. You get:

  • A home page of 2,500 words
  • A total of 4,500 words of unique content for the site
  • A premium WordPress theme
  • Various premium plugins
  • Detailed 6 month plan
  • On-page SEO
  • Your domain name paid for the whole year
  • Keyword research
  • Access to the private Human Proof Designs Facebook page
  • Free email support and tech support
  • Access to the complete Human Proof Designs video training library

Once the site is done, Human Proof Designs will continue to work with you on what to do afterwards to get your website really going.

Standard Plan Niche Website

You’ll have all the elements included in the Basic plan website, plus a whole lot more.

  • The website will now have a total of 10,000 for the content.
  • You’ll get a specially designed logo for your site.

Premium Plan Niche Website

Here you have included all Basic and standard site features plus:

  • 10,000 words Premium Level content
  • Social Media set up (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Pinterest)
  • eBook for lead magnet

2.2. Aged Sites

These are special websites that have been built and are already running for quite some time now. In other words, you’re not buying a seedling—you’re already getting a full-grown plant. These have all the elements of Premium sites (such as 16000 words, logo, and social media setup), but with even more bonuses.

  • You won’t have to wait a month or so for Human Proof Designs to build the site. You can get the site immediately.