what is 5000 from scratch about

What is 5000 From scratch about? Read This 5000 from scratch review

What is 5000 from scratch about

5000 from scratch review Summary

Training Level

Teaches good stuff but not so complete.


It's Inexpensive

Easy of use

Simple and well structured.


Thumb Down. Program has no active Support.

I Like!

  • Simple, easy to follow instructions.
  • Short videos with step by step solutions to common problems.
  • ​Inexpensive.
  • Money back guarantee.
  • 1-on-1 Skype Session With Ewen Chia.

I Don't Like

  • Not intended for anyone but beginners.
  • Most of the information can be found on YouTube for free.
  • Built on Facebook so likely not a sustainable business model.
  • No live support if you have questions.

Summary: The program 5000 from Scratch is meant to teach beginners how to create real profit online starting from the first month. The advertised time needed each day to build a business online with this system is just fifteen minutes per day. According to their website, this system is proven to work for anyone regardless of experience level.

$27 One Time Fee

Ewen Chia, the author of How I Made My First Million On The Internet and How You Can Too, ensures his audience via video on his website that anyone can use this proven system to make money online with no prior experience and that this is very simple to do.

Get a Real training on Affiliate marketing. Follow this process:

The goal of this review is to give you an honest opinion on the $5000 From Scratch program.

We believe that this is a legitimate company and that the information provided works for some people but not for all. Not everyone can implement the techniques like the founder states so it may not be worth it to you to spend money on this product. But, let’s evaluate more before drawing a conclusion

The Skinny Behind The Scenes...

Product Founder: Ewen Chia
Launch Date: August 18, 2016.

Who is Ewen Chia?

  • Ewen claims that he has made millions of dollars in the online space from selling digital products online since 1997.
  • Other businesses: AutoPilotProfits.com, CopyPasteIncome.com, CompleteBusinessSetUp.com, Autorespond.com, SuperAffiliates.com
  • He started his online business part time over the course of five years while working a full-time job
  • Chia touts himself as an “internet marketing pioneer” and the “World’s #1 Super Affiliate”
  • Best known for his experience in lead generation, marketing, branding, and product creation.
  • Apparently his book “How I Made My First Million On The Internet and How You Can too” topped the charts at Amazon and Barnes and Noble within 24 hours of the product launch.
What is 5000 from scratch about

Many review sites on Google are stating that Ewen Chia and his system “$5,000 from Scratch” are scams and should be avoided at all costs. But, a little bit of digging past the scam shaming blogs brings you to some honest reviews that state that this system will not work in the fifteen-minute window that they claim but that these techniques will work if you have some background in internet marketing.

Want to see a live review of what is 5000 from scratch about? Watch out the 10 min video below:

Is The Hype Worth The Money?

Like many internet marketers that are peddling online digital products that will help the Average Joe to make money, Ewen Chia shows you copies of checks on his site that show how much money he makes in a brand new business that he just set up.

If you have never seen a promotion website for a digital marketing company before then let me just tell you that this one is typical.

  • Some videos introduce you to the founder of the company which says a lot about the product.
  • There are testimonials from people “just like you” that have made tons of money in just a few short weeks or months.
  • And there are pictures of the many items that are included in the course that you can only get your hands on for a limited time at this price.

Course Outline (Six Videos):

Video #1: Finding a Niche

Here, Ewen discusses the necessary mindset needed to build an online business and then how to choose the perfect niche for you. Honestly, this training could be found for free on YouTube.

Video #2: Finding a High Ticket Product

In a nutshell, use Google to search for high ticket products with high commissions that are relevant to your chosen niche from video one. And he explains the benefit to promoting this types of products.

Video #3: Create a Facebook Group

Again, this is nothing new in the online world. Almost everyone is suggesting to save money on advertising by starting a Facebook group for free and then explaining how to add content to your group.

Video #4: Promoting Your Group To Getting People In

Basically, post links subtly on forums and in other groups that will lead back to your group. Create a solid email list where you will be sending valuable content. 

Video #5: Add Value To The Group

Many programs fail to provide any useful information about this area, so kudos to Ewen for covering this in depth and with good info. I was pleasantly surprised by this one!

Video #6: Advanced Monetization Methods

This info is not bad stuff for all those entirely new to the online business. I would not recommend for intermediates and above because you might have heard it before.

Some Major Problems With $5,000 from Scratch

  • Built entirely around Facebook: If Facebook changes their algorithms or their layout (like they often do) then you may have to reconfigure your entire business! If you are trying to build a sustainable, long lasting business then building solely on a Facebook group is probably not a good idea.
  • No handouts: There is nothing given to you to print out or to use to follow along with the instructional videos, which can make it hard to retain the information being put out long term. You will likely have to watch the videos repeatedly to walk through the information and understand it.
What is 5000 from scratch about

Is 5000 From Scratch Review a Scam?

So, What is 5000 From Scratch about? Is it a Scam?... My ruling is that, no, this program “$5,000 From Scratch” is not a scam. But, I would not suggest this product for everyone because not everyone can benefit from it.

If you are totally new to making money online and want a very introductory course, then this will work for you. However, if you have ever taken a course before on making money online then I would stay away from this one because you probably have already learned this information. Instead what I recommend is a complete training program (you can read my review here: What is Wealthy Affiliate about?)


The Good Stuff:
  • Simple, easy to follow instructions
  • Short videos with step by step solutions to common problems
  • Inexpensive.
  • ​Money back guarantee
  • 1-on-1 Skype session with Ewen.
The Bad Stuff:
  • Might Be Overwhelming.
  • Most of the information can be found on YouTube for free.
  • No live support if you have questions.

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Leave a Comment:

Dredd De Jesus says November 3, 2016

Very detailed review Kevin. I like that you’ve summarized some of the pros and cons on your review. That makes it easier for me to evaluate the product/service Ewan Chia was offering. I do agree with your rating of about 3 out of 5 for the product because it doesn’t seem really persuasive. Considering that Ewan supposedly started since 1997, he should’ve made an online presence long ago. I’m not saying he’s not legit, but it would’ve been more convincing if he started this long ago.


    Kevin Balcker says November 3, 2016

    Hi Dredd, thanks for leaving a comment.

    Actually, Ewen is a well known internet marketer. What I don’t like too much about 5000 from scratch is that he just teaches the basics about internet marketing. But what you pay is what you get.

    You can more get complete training courses such as Fizzle or Wealthy Affiliate. for a slightly higher price.

Andrew says November 3, 2016

Hi there! I just finished reading your review and watching the video about this product from Ewan Chia. I have seen this guy several times promoting his training products, I hadn’t heard of this one though. You gave me a great insight into whats inside this training.

I have actually tried this method of creating and promoting a Facebook group, though not with Ewan Chia’s method. Although this training will make it sound easy and a quick way to make some money, it really isn’t!

I created a Facebook group and promoted it for quite some time. The group grew to just under a hundred people and then all of a sudden the amount of members just went through the roof. The group went from 100 to about a 1000 members within a few days. Unfortunately my group had become over-run with spammers!

There is no doubt a piece of software out there somewhere for spamming Facebook groups. And I got hit! Anyway, this goes to show that it’s not always as easy as you think to get good traffic from a Facebook group. Sometimes its just a waste of time!

    Kevin Balcker says November 4, 2016

    Hi Andrew,

    You have to be careful with software’s or any automated system of traffic, links, etc. (almost 98% of them are scams).

    If you handle your traffic to the FB group manually, then you will have excellent results.

Chris says November 3, 2016

I have actually heard of this Ewen Chia character a few years back – I forget what his product was called but it seemed to do okay overall!
This new product seems to offer a few good pointers but as you mentioned – there also seems to be a few gaps. How long did you try it for overall? Did you feel like it was slow going on the earnings front?

    Kevin Balcker says November 4, 2016

    Hi Chris,

    Actually I bought $5,000 from scratch just because I was receiving emails from people asking if I knew the product. So, I purchased it to see what was all about.

    In summary: they teach good stuff, but it’s not as complete as other training courses as Fizzle, Wealthy affiliate or Affilorama.

    Hope it helps!

Minhaj says June 29, 2017

Hi Kevin

Thanks for the honest review, I honestly think many people would not call this a scam had the vendor been straight with the audience he is targeting. What I mean by this is telling them that its possible to make this sort of money but it doesn’t come easy, his landing page says the opposite. When people find it’s not as easy as advertised that’s when emotion sets in and they call it a scam. This industry needs more transparency and then maybe it won’t have such a high failure rate.

    Kevin Balcker says November 7, 2017

    It’s definitely not a scam but there are better training courses. I have recently published an updated

    Wealthy Affiliate review

    . There you will get advance training

Warren says July 12, 2017

I always get a kick out of sites that are very flashy and over the top, like a billboard or circus poster. Words like …Only A Few Copies Left or ….Going Fast. If things are really flying off the shelf, who needs to promote it? That said, there probably are raw newbies out there that can benefit from this. Your link to Wealthy Affiliate is simple, but intriguing nonetheless. Very complete Review. Well done.

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