What Is Google Sniper For? – George Brown Google Sniper Scam


 What Is Google Sniper For?

As you might have read from my about me page, Google Sniper was the first product I bought, so I really know what is Google Sniper for. Read this full and honest review carefully. See below Program details:

what is google sniper for

Name: Google Sniper
Owners: George Brown
Overall Rank1 out of 10
Target Audience: Newbies
Price:  $1 for 5 day’s trial + $47/Mo after trial / $187 Elite Upgrade / $97 Elite Upgrade Downsell / $97 Case Study Upgrade


what is google sniper for

I was really ecstatic and motivated to start a business online, and George Brown played a good part on this. The way he talks and the way he sells things is undoubtedly his best resource. A truly gifted voice that catches your attention and you really want to hear what he is going to say. What happened? I got scammed…

The worst part is that I kept on thinking that his training program was really going to work… I spent too much valuable time and effort on this program for nothing. Additionally, there was a monthly hidden membership charge of $47 which really pissed me off.

It was until I heard that many people were complaining and giving bad reviews of the product that I finally decided to ask for a refund and here another story comes out.

The Journey to get the Refund:

Struggling to put his tactics into practice and all these scammy program promises, I asked a refund to Google Sniper Support and guessed what? YES, you hit the mark… NOBODY replied to my request, and I was also charged one month more.

Fortunately, I found a kind soul on the forum who gave me advice on how to speed up the refund process, so I finally got my money back.

Looking back to the past, I don’t regret of having purchased the program. Thanks to this I kept on searching (now with precaution on each step I made) until I got into a truly valuable Online Marketing Program. (If you want to  know which program I’m talking about Click Here and read my review)


Google Sniper Warrior Forum

Just for you to check I’m not lying, see below Google Sniper Complaints taken from the Warrior Forum (in case you don’t know what the Warrior Forum is… it’s one of the Top forums used by internet marketers):

google sniper honest review scam

google sniper honest review scam

google sniper honest review 3

Pricing Scheme

George Brown Google Sniper scam has a robust designed Sales Funnel to understand. Check summary below:

google sniper pricing

  1. Initial Price: $47 per month (if you try to quit the page, you will get a trial offer of $1 for 5 days and then the $47/Mo)
  2.  Elite upgrade: $187. This is an upsell where you have 2 options. If you say YES, you instantly pay $187 and if you say NO, bullet number 3 comes next.
  3. Elite Upgrade Downsale: $97
  4. Case Study Upgrade: Another $97… and you keep not getting the initial product you already paid (Google Sniper).

After all these offers were bombed to you in an instant, you finally get the product. Think how would you feel if you are a fresh new joiner to the online business, and you get all these product offers over the table.

If you want to learn about Affiliate Marketing, read the review of my #1 rated training program

Another thing you might not have realized – did you notice that if you say NO to the offers, they give away a lot of discounts but if you say “YES, I want the product”, they ask you to pay the full amount? Shouldn’t this be the other way round or, at least, mention that there are some discount offers?

My Veredict

By now, you should know thoroughly what Google Sniper is for. OK, It seems this guy George wants to make some profit at any cost. This is one thing I hate from internet marketers. Honesty should be in first place, so I’m glad you are reading this review of George Brown’s Google Sniper program.

I hope to avoid people getting fooled as there are many falling into this rat trap.

Please share this review with friends, family or whoever you care about and is starting in the online business.

what is google sniper for

If you want to see what is actually working online, read my blog post “what is Wealthy Affiliate about”

Feel free to leave a comment below if you had any bad experience with Google Sniper or if you have any doubt.



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Gesit Ramadyan says February 12, 2016

Wow,, this is the one of negative review that I’ve found on the internet, I am glad to read your post. Indeed, George brown will be ripped you off with some upsells on his product, that one what I don’t like with this program, there is no value for buying this program! and many information inside this product actually can be found free on the internet!

    Kevin Balcker says February 12, 2016

    Hey, Gesit!

    It seems that you also fall into this scam.

    As you said, all this information can be found for free. I use Wealthy Affiliate free training course and it works perfect.

    Let me know if you need any help from my side!


Richard says August 6, 2016

Wow, this is the one of negative review that I’ve found on the internet, I am glad to read your post. Indeed, George brown will be ripped you off with some up sells on his product, that one what I don’t like with this program; there is no value for buying this program.

    Kevin Balcker says August 7, 2016

    Thanks for leaving a comment, Richard.

    Absolutely, Google Sniper does not drive any value. It used to be a good program but it’s now outdated.

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